Oriental Sensation Exfoliating Treatment

This luxurious scrub starts with a warm nourishing gel followed by a full body exfoliation with a clay stone using circular and effleurage strokes. To complete the treatment we use hot towels to remove any excess of products, finishing the treatment with an application of a hydrating oil that contains ámbar and date extract. A rush of warm sensations flows through your body while you are receiving this exfoliating treatment , leaving you feeling rejuvenated. To prolong the effects of the treatment the guest will take the scrubbing stone home with them.


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Swedish Massage & Anti-Aging‎ Facial

November & December

90 minutes Swedish Massage with body scrub

$85 regular price $200

120 minutes Anti-Aging Facial with body scrub

$185 regular price $245

Couple Massage


Light LED Therapy

for wrinkles and acne, red light therapy, a customized treatment helps regenerate new collagen, blue light therapy for acne, helps to kill bacteria without damaging healthy skin, finished off with a customized mask.


Eyelash & Eyebrow


$20 EACH


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