Do it for the health of it.

Why Massage?

Pain and restricted movement keep you from living the life you want? Sports injuries, accidents, repetitive, actions on the job, and tension from everyday stresses can cause problems that, too often, take up permanent residence in our bodies.

Deep Hydration Body Luxe

Sea salts are used to exfoliate and stimulate the body. This is followed by a hydrating body wrap, this rich, soft, warming balm leaves skin restored and hydrated perfect for dehydrated skin. While you are wrap in the hydrating mask you will receive a luxurious scalp, face and neck massage.

70-minutes $155

Clay Body Mask

Clay Body Mask is loaded with natural ingredients of plant extracts, trace elements, minerals, and vitamins that work to detoxify, stimulate blood circulation, and increase lymphatic movement for firming, detoxification, and cellulite reduction. Pamper your body with a deep cleansing clay mask that draws out impurities while leaving you feeling soft and freshened!

60-minutes $120

The Swedish massage

A 50 minutes session that involves a long, flowing strokes using light and medium pressures to help relax and distress mind and body.


Aromatherapy Massage

A combination of essential oils is used while receiving a soothing Swedish massage.


Hot stone

Different sizes of warm stones with essential oils are used to help increase your circulation and create a deep relaxation of mind and body.


Deep tissue massage

using deeper pressure, the therapist manipulates muscle and tissue to relieve specific aches, pinched nerves, and various other tissues, thereby creating better alignment within the body.


Stretch Therapy

Balance your active routine with stretch. It’s a great way to loosen tight and overworked muscles and speed up recovery time after workouts. Increase flexibility, range of motion, improve performance, reduce aches and pains and improve posture. Clients stay fully clothed and remain passive while the therapist performs assisted stretches on a table.

30 minutes $35
60 minutes $60

Massage Upgrades

Enhance your massage

Area specific cupping $15
Foot, hand or back exfoliation with sugar scrub $10

Area Specific massage

full half-hour focusing on an area of the body that concerns you the most.


Couple massage



An application using appropriate pressure to specific points of areas on your feet to address different body organs and systems. Those points are massaged to encourage health within.


Body Scrub

A special exfoliating treatment that removes the excess of dead cells from body leaving your skin smooth, glowing and refreshed.