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Manicure & Pedicure

The secret behind the well-manicured hand is expert care. Our experts focus on the maintenance of natural-looking nails with specific pampering to the skin and cuticles.

Waiting on you hand and foot is La Maison’s philosophy. The La Maison pedicure is the foundation for your wellness. Healthy feet equals peace of mind.

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La Maison’s Pleasure

$18 & up



Pink & White Gel


Shellac manicure


Glue manicure


Tips with Gel


Nail Design/Air Brushing

(upon consultation)

Sea Spa Manicure

This vitamin, protein and mineral rich seaweed treatment combined with professional hand massage will completely deep hydrate, soften and nourish hands. Hands will look and feel smooth, revitalized and youthful. Recommended for: Aging or sun damaged skin on the hands.




$45 & up

French pedicure

$50 & up

Hot Stone pedicure

More than the standard pedicure, the Hot Stone pedicure is a therapeutic treatment that includes an invigorating foot and leg massage to revitalize tired feet, adding energy to every step. It is guaranteed to leave feet soft, well groomed and healthy.


Sea Spa pedicure with a twist

Experience total therapy for the feet. This reflexology foot treatment combined with an invigorating and enriching application of the Sea spa Foot Cream will completely nourish and revitalize the feet, adding energy to every step. The added leg wrap is great for reducing the swelling of tired feet and legs. Recommended for: Tired, achy, swollen legs and feet